The Daily Tweets, 2009-11-20: Enjoy your cookie

  • The real deal on Wheeler report commissioned by Sullivan & thugs: History has proven Begich right ( Alaska Dispatch) #
  • Halcro on AGIA & Palin’s common sense re: economy: “it’s commonly known Palin doesn’t possess any.” #
  • Shannyn Moore’s take of Mayor Sullivan & thugs-commissioned Wheeler report. #
  • And here’s Mudflats on Mayor Sullivan & thugs-commissioned Wheeler report. #
  • The Mudflats » “Meet Sarah Palin’s Death Panel.” — Halcro, Kilkenny, Bittney on w/ Shannyn Moore Ch 5 Saturday 4 PM #
  • @Inked_Tigress Woooooot! Good on ya, enjoy your cookie! And… what the hell am I still doing up?!!! in reply to Inked_Tigress #
  • @shannynmoore Looking forward to your “Sarah’s Death Panel” show. I hear it went pretty darn well. Congrats! in reply to shannynmoore #
  • Finally home 4 hrs after work & the adventure of getting my flat-tire car towed to Johnson Tires to fix what didn’t get done right 1st time. #
  • And somehow, the dog held it in all those hours! But she was dang happy to see me & empty her poor puppy bladder. #
  • A program on NatGeo about terraforming Mars! Perfect for what I’m writing about now. #
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