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My four-chambered echo chamber

Just had my echocardiogram over at Heart Center at Providence Hospital. This is one of the three imaging tests the ER doctor from my pepperoni pizza night ordered up to figure out whether I had a TIA or not — … Continue reading

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Um… pepperoni…?

Last month, on a day that happened to coincide (& undoubtedly not just coincidentally) with a bit of constipation plus an abnormally-for-me high level of sodium intake from eating too many meals in a row that featured ham — well, … Continue reading

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Adverse weather conditions

Per the UPS tracking site, my Xvest underwent adverse weather conditions in Anchorage at 8:09 PM last night. But today, it’s officially been arrival-scanned into Anchorage. Hope they deliver it tomorrow early enough for the kid to sign for it … Continue reading

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