The Daily Tweets, 2009-11-17: The Book That Lied Day 1

The best things on the day Palin’s book is released? — Mudflats reads it; & so does Andrew Halcro. Also, words that begin with dw.

  • Today’s essential reading: AK Muckracker (@Mudflats) reads Palin’s book so you don’t have to. #
  • RT: @Mudflats: i just walked in to WalMart & bought a copy of Going Rogue. is it too early to start drinking? // Going Rotgut? #
  • @erinely Yeah, but the Twitter version of retweet doesn’t allow for editing to add brief comments of your own. in reply to erinely #
  • @erinely I notice that Twitter also doesn’t add its special retweet symbols to RTs that have been done via other clients. in reply to erinely #
  • @erinely Looks like Twitter RTs also don’t show up in other clients. You did 2 RTs on Twitter that I didn’t get in Echofon (Firefox app). in reply to erinely #
  • Daddy Murkowski Loves Me More than He Loves Lisa. #altSarahPalinBookTitles #
  • Wealthy effete young chap Andrew Halcro reads (about himself) from Sarah Palin’s “Going Rogue.” #
  • RT: @katsylver: Gonna go try and warm up my car now. Yeah, that’s gonna happen. *grumbles* // Another reason I love People Mover. #
  • RT @JanFlora49: @yksin Isn’t Halcro’s video the classiest response to an insult you’ve ever seen? // Extremely classy. Halcro rocks. #
  • @JanFlora49 May it get under Palin’s skin that she can’t get under Halcro’s skin. in reply to JanFlora49 #
  • RT @Inked_Tigress: Pop quiz: what are the only three words in the English language that start with the letters “dw”? // dwarf dwell dwimmer #
  • @Inked_Tigress (if dwimmer is a word. I remember it’s part of place names like Dwimmerdale in LOTR.) in reply to Inked_Tigress #

Andrew Halcro’s second video, wherein he has his Katie Couric moment, wasn’t released until the next day, but I’m including it here anyway. Both videos by Alaska Dispatch.

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