The Daily Tweets, 2010-02-12: Annual birthday present

After work, still some light
My annual birthday present: getting off work in February to find some light still in the sky.

  • RT @JanFlora49: So now we can put corporations in prison and execute them? Good idea. But let’s kick them off welfare first. #
  • RT: @BJMuntain: RT @bookoven “average number of words consumed each day by a US adult during leisure time: 105,000.” // <burp> I’m full now. #
  • RT: @jamielang: studio news: ready to paint the white room; ready to paint main studio! grand opening 1 month. mark your calendars 3/20 6pm. #
  • RT: @Metafrantic: Have a favorite @crossedgenres story to nominate? Noms open for 2010 WSFA Small Press Award: #
  • RT: @redrummy: Truth > Fiction RT @DiscoverMag How did 1940s army drs check soldiers gayness? Checked their gag reflex #
  • 2 great items on Palin from Andrew Halcro in today’s Permafrost Friday re: Tea Party & Mat Maid. #
  • RT: @adndotcom: Joshua Wade expected to change murder plea & be sentenced next week. // Looks like he’s copping a plea in reply to adndotcom #
  • RT: @SistersTalk: Reserve Officers Association changes position on gays in the military – #
  • ADN: Parnell proposes hiring 15 more VPSOs. VPSOs were cut drastically under Gov. Murkowski, Palin did nothing to fix. #
  • Extensive NYT article on how Christianists are attempting to rewrite U.S. history through TX school board. #
  • RT: @jamielang: Am I wrong or is Christmas music good all year long? 🙂 // I like the pic, but – you’re wrong! #
  • RT: @Metafrantic: Awesome article about “Post a Story For Haiti” in the Examiner! // @crossedgenres rocks. #haiti #
  • ADN’s Kyle Hopkins on law enforcement in Selawik (rural NW Alaska). I was in Selawik in ~2002 . Worse probs now. #
  • My birthday’s this month, already having my annual birthday present: the sky still with daylight when I get off work. #fb #
  • @jamielang: You can pretend you’re in Australia or NZ. Christmas is _always_ in the summertime down there. #
  • @BJMuntain Whereas cats feel the need to walk across your chest b/c to them it’s a road & then try to make you feel guilty for disagreeing.. in reply to BJMuntain #
  • @BJMuntain … by pushing ’em off your chest b/c their weight on your nipples really _hurts_!!! in reply to BJMuntain #
  • RT: @adndotcom: The final list of candidates for the Anchorage Assembly and School Board is out. #
  • Heading over to the Bear Tooth for a meal, & thence to @kaladibrothers to write. #
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