The Daily Tweets, 2009-12-15: Steger Mukluks Appreciation Day


  • I declare this Steger Mukluks Appreciation Day, : heavy snows, long cold bus stop wait — warm dry feet. #
  • Per @adndotcom: Snow, snow & more snow in store for Anchorage. 2-4 inches today, more tonight, more Wed. #fb #
  • _Another_ damn leak in my ceiling…in completely new area. No room to move stuff b/c of having moved stuff from the _other_ damn leak. #fb #
  • & I’d like to take out damn garbage but damn dumpster is brimming over b/c somebody’s dumping stuff here & garbageman won’t pick up. #fb #
  • RT: @shannynmoore: Anchorage Assembly ‘REORGANIZING LEADERSHIP’ proposal. Howdy! Debbie Ossiander may be losing her seat tonight! / PLEASE! #
  • RT: @Mudflats: Assembly voting to change leadership passes 6-4 // Ossiander down! Who’ll be chair now? #
  • RT: @shannynmoore: PAT FLYNN NEW CHAIRMAN OF THE ANCHORAGE ASSEMBLY… // Yeaaaaaaah! #fb #
  • RT: @shannynmoore: MIKE GUITIERREZ vice chair of the Anchorage Assembly…suck it Eddie Burke… // You go Mike! #
  • Just heard via @shannynmoore tweets: Pat Flynn new chair of Anchorage Assembly, Mike Gutierrez new vice-chair. Congrats Pat & Mike! #fb #
  • From @shannynmoore : report on Anchorage Assembly FLIP of power. Thanks Shannyn for the quick report! #fb #
  • Time to get something to eat. Then back to trying to clear room for maintenance guy to fix the new leak. Drip drip drip drip drip. 🙁 #fb #
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