The Daily Tweets, 2009-11-19: return to NaNoWriMo

  • Paliban (not to be confused with Pal-Qaida): a new coinage at the Urban Dictionary #
  • @okiave Yes. But Twitters RT doesn’t permit editing to add comments & RTs done through it don’t show up in other clients. So… a fail. in reply to okiave #
  • RT: @tonei: Google Scholar now includes legal opinions, searchable by case title or by subject matter. #
  • RT: @TheMumpower: Must have baby news. Must have Janson news. // Yeah, it’s been kinda scant late. C’mon @jansonjones !!! #
  • @TheMumpower Hope he gets some good time-out over Thanksgiving! in reply to TheMumpower #
  • RT: @joshtpm: Twitter RT function: ingenious new way to have a bunch of randoms I don’t follow show up in my feed. AWESOME! // Yep. #fail #
  • Thanks to a WordPress plugin I grabbed, no more registration spam on my blog. 23 stopped since last week. Thanks Sabre! #
  • No #nanowrimo writing since Sunday! 4 days behind! Must catch up! On my way to a write-in now. #
  • Good to know for your next game of Trivial Pursuit! // RT @NathanFillion: Did you know that snow angels come from dead snowmen? #
  • RT: @jamielang: RT @AKSiiri: RT @bluetabbies: OMG! It’s spreading! Palin just goes on her show and now Oprah’s quitting! MEDIC!!! #
  • Made some gain tonight; now at 3667 #nanowrimo words. Still about 3-1/2 days behind quota, but shd catch up this weekend. #

(Correction: 31,667 words.)

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