Sullygate: The complete bibliography

Mayor Dan Sullivan; Assembly Mike Gutierrez in background

Wednesday, 10 March 2010
(bibliography last updated 27 April 2010)

Sullygate” is my nickname for the putative insurance payout of $193,000 from the Anchorage municipal treasury to a trust — the George M. Sullivan Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust — led by George M. Sullivan’s son, Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan, which was approved by the Anchorage Assembly by a 9-1 vote on February 16, 2010.  Perhaps it’s a biased nickname … but sorry to say that even on the face of it, this business is pretty darn fishy.

I wrote a really long analysis of it on Friday, 5 March 2010, called Sullygate: If there is a contractual agreement, Mayor Sullivan, show us the contract” and since then I’ve been adding links to all the other posts, news stories, etc. that I’ve found at the bottom of that post.  Time to give this bibliography its own page. So here it is.

I’ll add to this bibliography as new items come out. If  I’m missing anything, please comment on this page & include a link.  Or you can send me a private tweet to my Twitter account @yksin or a private message via my Facebook page.

Bibliography of all things Sullygate

Municipality of Anchorage documents

These are all PDFs.

My posts

I’ve bolded the most important.

News stories & blog posts in chronological order

I’ve b0lded those stories which I consider to be the most important in terms of giving the history & new analysis of the Sullivan “life insurance policy” & payout.

March 23, 2010 Assembly meeting; Ethics Board opinion; Westover memorandum

Commentary on March 22, 2010 legal memorandum by Deputy Municipal Attorney Rhonda Westover

April 13, 2010 Assembly meeting

April 27, 2010 Assembly meeting

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Video from 10 Mar 2010 story  “Sullivan life insurance payout questioned”, (KTVA Channel 11 News):