Talking about Sullygate on the Shannyn Moore radio show

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I’ll be on the Shannyn Moore Show on KUDO 1080 AM to talk about Sullygate — former Mayor George Sullivan’s $193,000 faux life insurance policy that has already paid out to the trust headed by his son, current Mayor Dan Sullivan.  I believe I’ll be on during the first hour, which starts at 11:00 AM.

Update: Now rescheduled for the second hour at 12:00 noon (Alaska time).

I have some new info that I’ll be talking about on the air.  If you can’ t listen to the show, okay — I’m also writing a blog post that covers the same territory, which I’ll finish this morning or early afternoon.

You can also listen to the show livestreamed at KUDO’s website.

Update: Just finished.  How’d I do?

Now I’m gonna get some breakfast, & then I’ll work on a post that covers some of the same territory as covered on the air. In particular: the relationship between Larry Crawford — who is Dan Sullivan’s chief of staff & was city manager under George Sullivan, Tom Fink, & Rick Mystrom — & Susan Lindemuth, who was the Municipality’s Manager of Records & Benefits from 1970 to 2000, including when George Sullivan’s so-called “life insurance” policy was set up, & further questions about Susan Lindemuth’s knowledge of the situation.

Thanks, Shannyn, for having me — it was a pleasure.

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