Tweaking my blog

Rather than writing anything new, my blogwork of today has been a lot of tweaking & cleanup — part of a continuing work to make this blog more functional.

I found a “related posts” plugin that’ll automatically find other closely related posts to the one a reader is looking at, so if they’re curious about other stuff I’ve written about thus’n’such, they can find it easily.  Then I spent lots of time fixing tags & categories, especially on older posts which were originally written on the various Blogger blogs I had until I decided to move everything into just one blog here in WordPress.  I’m still working on that, but I’m pretty far along with it.

Some of the other stuff I want to do is to find a good blogroll plugin so I can help promote the blogs of other people whose stuff I read.  Various Alaska progressive political blogs have gotten the most mention on Henkimaa over the past year, but I also follow some national political blogs — & that’s just politics.  When I’m in the frame, there’s a number of nutrition & fitness & other health-related blogs that I count on.  But especially: blogs related to writing, especially science fiction & fantasy; & also blogs on areas that I’m researching for various writing projects.  Oh yeah, & Finnish stuff.  Probably other stuff too that I’m not thinking of right now.

I also plan to crack open some of the books about WordPress & finally figure out how to work the stylesheets so that different category areas can have different looks that are most appropriate to them.

There’s some general website stuff I want to do as well.

So, my work’s cut out for me.

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