The Daily Tweets, 2010-01-07: The evils of wireless mice

  • I hate wireless mice. I hate hate hate hate them. Batteries always run down & needreplacement, give me a corded any day of the week. !!! #fb #
  • @cadaverousapple: Organize books by type of subject matter, then author (if fiction/poetry/other lit.) or sub-subject (for nonfiction). #
  • @jamielang I totally want that 75K job you tweeted abt. yesterday. I’m sure I am much better qualified for it too. 😉 in reply to jamielang #
  • RT: @exart: …and it’s over. no equality in NJ. // Dammit. #
  • RT: @jamielang: @yksin you prob are more qualified but the hell if I’ll tell you about it until I’m already in that position 😉 // Drat! #
  • @beardedjon @jamielang Will I get paid for reading the books that teach me how to develop the business model? in reply to beardedjon #
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