Stuffsack #2: 22 July 2009

A collection of the most important, interesting, and/or visited stuff I’ve been writing on this blog recently. This list is based partly on what my blog stats say people are visiting, partly on what is most important or interesting (or fun!) to me. This post will stay on top as a sticky post until my next StuffsackStuffsack #1 explains the nomenclature.

What are you looking for?


Individual posts

Identity Reports (1989) and One in 10 (1986)

Identity Reports (1989) and One in 10 (1986)

On the wider website

Recent lifestuff

  • Heard Linda McCarriston read: my teacher from the MFA program.  Reacclimating myself to the ordinance battle, after being a tad burnt out on it.  Had a bout with the grey, came out of it handily.  Trying to catch up.
  • If you’re as interested in the daily trivia of my life as I am, see The Daily Tweets.
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