You're looking very quitty, too

Last night while enmired in the seemingly endless (yet it ended, yay!) & repetitively nonsensical “Truth is not Hate” untruthful hate speech testimony of equal rights ordinance opponents (happily broken up by a lot of really good ordinance supporter testimony),  I checked my Facebook feed & discovered this delight, posted by my friend Cara.  Since I was in the Assembly chambers, I couldn’t watch  the video then, but Cara was thoughtful enough to post some of the lyrics, which cheered me greatly.  Thanks, Cara!

Sarah Palin Resignation Song
by Hockey Mama For Obama (I Feel Quitty)

I feel quitty
Oh so quitty
I feel quitty and pretty and free
Gonna riddy poor Alaska’s government of me

They indict me
And ignite me
Wanna fight me? I quit 123!
They can bite me — Higher calling has a job for me!

(Complete lyrics at the video’s home page.)

Sure beats out another recitation of some verse from Leviticus for entertainment value.

Turns out AKMuckraker posted this the other day (but sans lyrics) in a post about the celebration that will be taking place in select locations throughout Alaska in a few short days, Screen Door Sunday.  Check it out.

You might also enjoy “Sarah Palin & intermittent Gunderson syndrome”.

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