The Daily Tweets, 2009-07-22

  • @tonei: You asked last night "she's 50?!" — not sure who you were tweeting about? (I'm 50 myself) Have a good flight! #
  • Divebombed by gulls protecting a distressed juvenile on the sidewalk back of the library this morning. Another juvie was wading in a puddle. #
  • I hate automatic lights! You're stupid! I'm smart & know to turn you off when I leave a room! But you keep turning off when I'm still in it! #
  • Support LGBT Equality, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! – #
  • @encarna ooh sounds tasty, gimme a bit willya? in reply to encarna #
  • Down to Starbucks for coffee… bravely forewent (word?) pumpkin scones… & bumped into Linda McCarriston, had a good chat. #
  • RT: @katsylver: posted testimony from last night on myspace. [Thanks for posting it. You did great, you shd be proud.] #
  • Day for old faces: Bob Langworthy (my old boss, past directer of the Justice Center) just walked in to surprise everybody. #
  • Reminiscing w/ Brad abt ADAM project (Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring) — or, as I called it, "Snickers for pee." #

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