Field of Words

On top of all the other blogs I’ve added to Blogspot, it seemed appropriate to add one especially devoted to my whole purpose for being on this planet: writing. I expect to share occasional snippets of writing here, along with notes on the writing process, my own progress writing, & such stuff as words are made of.

The name of this blog comes from this poem, which actually had nothing to do with writing per se when I wrote it — but guess it does after all, hey?

[Update 2009: Now rather than a separate blog, a category on my website/blog at]

Field of Words

Today in the field of words,
beside the lake of possibility,
today I am speechless.

All the words, all the words
proliferating in my hands,
little concretions of meaning
plucked from the ground one by one…

cowardly little stones:
they won’t be thrown

in the lake, where all the words
I’ve ever cast lie
layered upon each other, each
a decision, each a change
made in the world.

But these, now, these —
cowardly, spilling from
my fingers, back to the ground
unspoken, unthrown.

(published in Ice-Floe, Winter Solstice 2002)

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