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I’ve been a busy little bee & added blogs for several purposes. These are all available from my complete profile, but a description here of each blog seems apropos.

Henkimaa (the blog you’re at now) is my central blog, a somewhat random personal blog. More specifically, it’s also about the search for, & the occasional finding of, what puts the cool breeze in me — what gives me a sense of ease in life. See more about in the posting What Henkimaa is.

Henkimaa 360 is a private blog for my friends only at Yahoo — those who also have Yahoo 360 pages, anyway. If you’re not listed as a friend there, you’ll get other content from that page (some feeds, & a link to Flickr photostream), but no blog.

NoWay Way is philsophical. Political. Something something something. Hard to describe, eh? The description at the blog puts it best:

In the spirit of Coyote and Raven, with their “no way” ways, and of “the Tao that can be named is not the eternal Tao,” and of “there are as many ways as there are people to follow them”: this blog is about whatever comes into my mind about
how to be, which way to live,
in this evil age
with time running out

Or is it this a really terrific age, with all the time in the world? Kinda doubt it….

Field of Words is about my reason for existing: writing. It will include snippets of writing , along with notes on the writing process, my own progress writing, & such stuff as words are made of. It takes its name from one of my poem’s, which you can read here.

Eyes Remain Open is a photoblog, populated chiefly by images from my Flickr photostream. See the story behind the name of this blog here.

Serkun serkut honors my ancestors — a family history & genealogical blog. More about it in the post Serkun serkut: Serkun serkut: A family history blog.

Finndex is my repository for things related to my interest in Finnish language & culture — an interest deriving from my maternal Finnish ancestry.


Addendum 6 Jan 2006: Speaking of terve, which means “health/healthy” — I’ve recently embarked upon some changes towards improving & maintaining my health. And so, I inaugurate another blog: Terveys, toward that purpose.

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