What Henkimaa is

I took this photo on a photo safari with my friend Chris back in April 2003, late in what Alaskans call “break-up” — when the ice in rivers cracks and flows away, the snow melts, spring is not far away.

That’s not what’s happening now, of course. We’re in the dark of the year, when I see sunlight only on weekends, or through the window of my coworker’s office if he’s there & his door is open. Or if I venture out during lunch (which is rare).

But just looking at this picture, which also has been on my website for a couple of years, puts the cool breeze through me: what this word means to me, a coinage of my own (I think) from Finnish, henki meaning wind, breath, spirit, & maa meaning country, land.

That’s what this blog is really supposed to be about: what puts that cool breeze into me.

So… start again.

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