Seeking people with genre fiction review experience

To my friends who write & review:

My friend Bart Leib is looking for people who have experience writing reviews for genre fiction. Bart is co-editor of Crossed Genres, the “magazine of science fiction & fantasy with a twist.”  The reviewing project isn’t directly associated with Crossed Genres, but Bart says there may be some crossover effect.

Review experience with short or long fiction is welcome.

If you’re interested, please send an email to reviews-at-crossedgenres-dot-com. Include:

  • Your (real) name, and pseudonym if you prefer to use one
  • How long/where you’ve been doing reviews
  • A link to a recent review you did
  • How many book and/or magazine reviews you could commit to writing per month
  • Your location (international reviewers welcome)
  • Your email address

* * *

Crossed Genres is the same magazine that published my short story “Cold” for its LGBT issue last November (2009).  Our contract was for them to be able to keep my story online for a year, which is now up — but I like the folks at Crossed Genres so much that I said they could keep it online for as long as they want.  So you can still read it here.  And make sure to check out more of the great work over there!

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