Now I REALLY feel like a writer again

Last night I wrote about how I was unable to finish the short story called “Long Dark” I had originally intended for submission to the LGBTQ issue of Crossed Genres, but that I

was able to take the first day’s writing from my 2007 NaNovel Cold, dust it off & revise it, & submit it as a short story instead.  And I’m very well-pleased with the result.  So are my friends I’ve shared it with who’ve come back with comments.  I hope the editors of Crossed Genres like it as much.  And if they don’t — well, heck.  Maybe I’ll post it here.

“Cold” the short story, like Cold the novel-in-progress, is about two young women, Boleyn & Bai, on a planet in the late stages of terraformation.

The editors of Crossed Genres did like it: it will be published on November 1 in print & electronically.

So I won’t be posting it here — not for a long while at least: my contract with Crossed Genres gives them exclusive worldwide print & electronic publication rights for 12 months.

So go subscribe to Crossed Genres! Then you’ll get to read not only my story, but lots of other really good science fiction & fantasy.

The issue I’ll be published in, by the way, is the LGBTQ issue, the same one another publication called Flash Fiction Online refused to place an ad for because its editor believed that it was “sexually themed.”  I wrote a post about it last month.  After all that, I’m especially proud to be published in Bart Leib’s & Kay Holt’s great publication.

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