Hands Across the Sand

Hands Across the Sand, Anchorage, AK

I didn’t even know of this happening before last night, when Ptery told me about it. So after today’s Pride parade in downtown Anchorage (photos to be posted later), we hopped in the car & drove down to Pt. Woronzof for Hands Across the Sand. We got there a few minutes late, which meant there were already hands being held at the water’s edge by the time we arrived. Here’s the first view of it I encountered:

Hands Across the Sand, Anchorage, AK

It being Pt. Woronzof, it was less hands across the sand than hands across the fist-sized cobbles

Hands Across the Sand, Anchorage, AK

– but the intent was the same: to call for an end to offshore oil drilling, and to call for clean alternative energy. Other Alaska communities which held Hands Across the Sand events today include Fairbanks, Kenai, Homer, Douglas, and Port Alexander.

See The Mudflats for other photos of today’s event in Anchorage. And see Balance Alaska to learn more about how we can live in a more environmentally balanced way.

Here’s a slide show of mine & Ptery’s photos of today’s Anchorage event.

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