Taking a Sullygate break

Mayor Dan Sullivan

For other news stories & posts on this topic, see my bibliography on all things Sullygate.

This is a brief update by way of saying, I’m taking a breather from Sullygate (the George Sullivan “life insurance” matter of concern to citizens of Anchorage) to focus a bit on writing.  I’ve got a deadline on a story I’m working on.

But I will be coming back to it.  In particular, to take a closer look at the memorandum issued the other day —

— as well as the Ethics Board opinion issued on March 23.  Looking at first week of March for these.  I’m especially interested in the memorandum because of contentions made by certain conservative members of the Assembly on Tuesday that it answered all the questions.

No it didn’t.  It answered some but not all.

I’ll at least try to update my bib tonight.  My hands have been so achy I haven’t taken time to do so yet.

In the meantime, take a look at the comments on my first post mentioning the memorandum; and my livetweet of Tuesday’s Assembly meeting.

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