Tweaking & optimizing

I was attracted to Precision Nutrition by John Berardi’s discussion at his website of insulin resistance & insulin sensitivity. In my own research on insulin resistance, prediabetes, & Type 2 diabetes, I learned a few months back about how fat loss (not just “weight loss”), muscle-building, & healthy diet are important to increasing insulin sensitivity. In consequence, I overhauled my diet & got off my sedentary butt to get more exercise: dancing, weights, walking, biking. I’ve lost 18 pounds this way since late December, but probably even more in fat, as I have also become somewhat more compact & muscular. All of this can be read about in this blog.

But I’ve still got some ways to go.

Thus, on a search to improve my exercise program, I was glad to get an email from Tom Venuto (whose Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle has been an important guide for me) pointing me in the direction of Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training program. Ballantyne’s TT blog in turn referred me to John Berardi’s website, & thus to Precision Nutrition: which seems the ideal program for tweaking & optimizing my diet for increased & healthy fat loss & insulin sensitivity.

So I’m entering another stage of my progress toward insulin sensitivity & restored health. My plan from here on out, once we settle down from the Moving Hell we’ve been in (moving from one apartment to another), I will:

  1. Join the gym a few blocks away
  2. Commence the Turbulence Training program
  3. Commence tweaking & optimizing my nutrition with the Precision Nutrition program

This blog has been scant on direct feedback measurements except for daily counts of steps (or their equivalent) in the workplace “Start Walking” program I’ve been engaged in. As I begin to implement the TT & PN programs, I plan to include more detail about what I’m eating & what my workouts are like, as well as feedback stats such as body fat percentage, scale weight, & — since I’m insulin resistant & prediabetic — blood glucose measurements. (I’d measure blood insulin too, but unfortunately there are no simple fingerprick tests for that!)

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