A job for the boy

Okay, so he’s a man now. Well, just as my mom would tell me I’d always her little girl, Jesse will always to me be “the boy.” Said with affection, of course. Of course. Yes.

Anyway, the boy called me up at work, & looks like he’s got a job! Not going to blurt our where out here publicly on the Internet, but it’s in a place whose work I respect, he’d be getting $10/hour, & he might be starting Monday. Or at least what the guy told him was, bring your Social Security card on Monday. So Jesse was going to head downtown to the Federal Building with every ID he could get hold of to see about getting a card to replace the one in the wallet that was stolen from him in school one day a few months ago.

He’s pretty excited. He’s eager to be able to contribute to rent & other household needs. And I think he’ll find it pretty exciting to have some leftover to do with what he wills, too.

Now that’s a thought right there, with these changes afoot. Assuming Rozz gets the finances together to actually go to SIOM, Jesse & I are going to be… well. Roommates. There’s still a family relationship, of course. And I reckon that as he begins to earn, I’ll be helping him figure out how to handle his own budget, for real. He did have classes in those kinds of skills when he was in school (sure wish they’d’ve done that for me when I was a kid), but there’s a difference between the theoretical from out of a workbook, & the reality of actually having an income, & actually having bills.

Meanwhile, looks like we need to have a celebration tonight.

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