Dejunkfoodifying the schools

City schools get junk food hit list
VENDING MACHINES: Junior will get fruity water instead of soda this fall.

Anchorage Daily News (June 23, 2006)

Anchorage School District students can kiss vending machine Snickers, Mountain Dew and Lay’s goodbye.

And, they can get used to spending their change on bananas, granola bars and bottled water instead.

The district this week issued a list of rules to local schools to pull junk food from their vending machines.

Not a prefect list of rules by any means — but certainly better than they had before. This is great news.

Now if only the University of Alaska would follow suit, though I expect the attitude would be: UA students (& faculty & staff) are adults, so can make their own choices.

Which I’m doing, & making the vendors of crap food less rich thereby, but how much further I’d be along on my own quest for health had the junk food been right under my nose for all these years. This year thus far I’ve used the vending machines once: to buy a bag of peanuts. But in years prior, I used them weekly, sometimes daily, & I’m still working off what that did to my body.

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