Time to remind myself

I wear this pin on my hat. My brother & sister-in-law got me one of these pins for Christmas, or maybe it was my birthday, several years ago — maybe back in ’97 or ’98, because I remember telling people on a writing list I started about it, & one of them even ordered her own. (If you’re reading this, you can too: this & other great designs by William Spear of Douglas, Alaska, can be ordered through the William Spear website.) Then, during or right after a trip to the Lower 48 in 2001 (just before 9/11), it got lost somewhere. So I ordered another.

Time to remind myself of this too. Not only that we’re in that kinda situation now in this country that is being run increasingly for the benefit of the few at the expense & often to the harm of the many, but also… well… I just haven’t been writing enough lately. Not really since my mom’s death at end of November.

Not that I think it was Mom’s loss in itself that’s lessened my writing — I think I was having problems with my focus before then too. And since then, it’s been all about health health health. A good thing, surely, but on Sundays (my regular writing gig) & the Saturdays I’ve been trying to add in, I’ve done more reading of books about diabetes, the glycemic index, good fats vs. bad fats, etc. instead.

A good thing, yes. But my health requires this, too.

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