On a health road

There’ll be a lot more to say about this. Suffice it for now to say that just over a week ago, one of my responses to Mom’s death became to take some pretty active steps to take care of my health.

There’s no question that Mom’s death was a result of long-term complications of Type 2 diabetes. Four years ago my naturopath diagnosed me as being pre-diabetic. I took half-hearted steps to care for myself then, but that didn’t last. The steps I’m taking now aren’t half-hearted, but full-hearted. I’m learning about diabetes & pre-diabetes. I bought a glucose monitor & am using it. I’m learning about glycemic index (GI) & glycemic load (GL), & am changing my diet in response to what I’m learning. I’m getting at least a half hour of good (& aerobic) exercise every day, & looking for other ways to get exercise just in the course of day to day living. I’ve lost one, possibly two pounds already: with a goal of losing 30 pounds before the summer.

Yes, more to say about this, definitely. And I sure as hell think I would be honoring Mom better by taking active regard for my own health, than following the same road that for whatever reasons she found herself on. Mom, I love you.

I posted a long comment/question responding to the item GI News Briefs in The Glycemic Index Newsletter: January 2006 about how to make a “personal” estimate of glycemic index for foods that aren’t in the GI database.

Update: 6 Jan 2006: I will be keeping track of some of what I learn & experience on this journey to health at Terveys.

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