Rollins trial, day 11: Rollins claims he’s a sinner, but not a rapist

Nesbett Courthouse, Alaska Court System

The trial in Case No. 3AN-09-07868CR, State of Alaska v. Rollins, is being heard before Anchorage Superior Court Judge Philip R. Volland. The case will go to the jury on Monday, Feb. 14, after closing arguments from the prosecution and the defense.

Today in court, cross-examination of Anthony Rollins, the former Anchorage Police Department officer accused of serial rape while on the job, concluded. Rollins continued to claim that any sexual contact he had with alleged victims was consensual in nature. Rther than a rapist, he claimed he was an adulterer who had violated his marital oath:

I made some bad choices, I’m sorry I sinned against my god and against my family, and I’m, I’m sorry. I let a lot of people down.

As KTVA Channel 11 summarized its story on the day’s proceedings (video at the bottom of this post),

As a married man and former Anchorage police officer, Anthony Rollins took two oaths both of which he admits on the stand to violating.

Those oaths were his marital oath and his oath as an Anchorage police officer. Rollins took a third oath on the witness stand to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. By denying that he sexually assaulted his accusers, did he violate a third oath as well? That’s the implication Deputy District Attorney Sharon Marshall left us with as she concluded cross-examination.

Rollins testimony was followed by the state calling back to the stand an APD officer who clarified on proper police procedure on how DUI’s are booked & processed, the proper use of APSIN (Alaska Public Safety Information Network) record checks, etc.

Judge Volland then told the jury he needed to meet with counsel (both defense & prosecution) on jury instructions. Final arguments will be heard on Monday, 14 February. 14 jurors have sat through the trial; 2 will be dismissed and deliberations will begin with 12 jurors on Monday after final arguments.

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Media accounts of today’s testimony

Video from KTVA (story by Grace Jang, photography by Ken Fankhauser):

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