Rollins trial, day 12: Jury hears closing arguments

Nesbett Courthouse, Alaska Court System

The trial in Case No. 3AN-09-07868CR, State of Alaska v. Rollins, is being heard before Anchorage Superior Court Judge Philip R. Volland. Today, closing arguments from the prosecution and the defense were heard, and the case went to the jury.

My tweets today were a mix of Rollins trial & Valentine’s Day.  Today in Anchorage Superior Court, closing arguments were heard in the case, and then it went to the jury.  We might hear a verdict as early as Tuesday.  As has been the case through most of the trial,  Grace Jang and photographer Ken Fankhauser of KTVA Channel 11 were in the courtroom livetweeting.  (Eventually KTVA’s Twitter feed even got Fankhauser’s Twitter name spelled correctly.) See their Twitter feeds for a full account of the day’s events, or read/watch media coverage (links posted at the bottom of the post).  Casey Grove of the Anchorage Daily News has also been doing some find reporting on this case.

Closing arguments were made for the state by Deputy District Attorney Sharon Marshall, for the defense by Fairbanks attorney Susan Carney.  An excerpt from Casey Grove’s ADN piece on today’s events:

Marshall [for the state] at one point focused on Rollins’ position of authority.

She said one of the women, in her statement, spoke for all of the alleged victims regarding their feelings toward the officer.

” ‘He has so much power, he could cause problems for me,’ ” said Marshall, reading the woman’s words projected on a screen in court.

“When somebody stands in front of you with a badge and a gun, you’re supposed to respect that,” Marshall said. “He’s on official duty every time this happens.”

Turning to face Rollins later, Marshall raised her voice almost to a shout, saying he was so arrogant he thought his alleged victim wouldn’t go to police.

“This was all soft, subtle power abuse, situational force,” Marshall said.

Carney [defense attorney] said Rollins loved being an officer.

“He was handsome, a dashing figure in his uniform,” Carney said.

Carney implored the jurors to look at each case separately.

“It’s a credibility contest,” Carney said. “It is literally a ‘she said, he said’ situation.”

Which drew this comment from ADN reader Just_Sayin2011:

No, that statement is wrong. The correct statement is:

“It is literally a ‘she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, AND she said vs he said’ situation.”

(I made a similar comment in my tweets.)

Late in the day, Matthew Felling of KTVA tweeted,

Attn, Anchorage – Keep an eye out for @GraceJangKTVA for Rollins verdict info. She is *the* point of contact with Anchorage court.

That’s where I’ll be looking.

My tweets

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  • RT: @matthewfelling: Attn, Anchorage Keep eye out for @GraceJangKTVA for Rollins verdict. She is *the* point of contact with ANC court. #fb #

Media coverage

Here’s Grace Jang’s story broadcast on KTVA. KTVA summarized the defense and prosecution arguments on what kind of man Anthony Rollins is: “A God-fearing man or wolf in sheep’s clothing?”

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