Rollins trial, day 6: 5th & 6th alleged victims testify

Nesbett Courthouse, Alaska Court System

The trial in Case No. 3AN-09-07868CR, State of Alaska v. Rollins, is being heard before Anchorage Superior Court Judge Philip R. Volland in the Nesbett Courthouse at 4th & I in Anchorage. Two additional witnesses testified to being sexually victimized by Rollins.

Today Christine Kim of KTUU Channel 2 News joined Grace Jang of KTVA Channel 11 News and photographer Ken Fankhauser in livetweeting the Anthony Rollins trial.  And they tweeted a lot! — giving a very clear picture of what was being testified in court.  But except for Grace Jang’s tweets about how long Anchorage Police Department had been suspicious of Rollins, & hence how culpable APD might be in leaving him free to (allegedly) commit these crimes — I didn’t do much retweeting.  So see their feeds for complete coverage.  Or, see below the links to the media stories on today’s (Wednesday, February 2) day in court.

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  • Anthony Rollins trial Ray 6: ex-APD cop accused of multiple sexual assaults while on duty. @GraceJangKTVA again livetweeting from court. #fb #
  • Answering a friend’s question: Why I’m following the trial of alleged serial rapist Anthony Rollins | Henkimaa #fb #
  • Rollins trial: @christineKTUU also livetweeting the trial today. #fb #
  • And @photogfank also livetweeting. That’s 3 to follow for #Rollins trial news today: @photogrank @christineKTUU @GraceJangKTVA #fb #
  • RT: @GraceJangKTVA: APD Internal Affairs put GPS on Rollins’ car in ’08-before V1 came forward in April 09. #
  • RT: @GraceJangKTVA: APD had suspicions about Rollins. How culpable is APD? #
  • RT: @Ch2KTUU: It might be Groundhog Day everywhere else in the country, but it’s Marmot Day in AK. #
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Media coverage of today’s testimony:

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