The Daily Tweets, 2009-11-12

  • UAA: Blackboard might be up. At least, one of my faculty was able to get on. #
  • Pres. Obama stopping at E'dorf AFB in Anchorage today for a couple hours on way to Asia. (I won't see him – working.) #
  • Palin = MILF (to some). MILF = Moro Islamic Liberation Front.You didn't know Palin was an Islamist militant, didja? #
  • Register your vote for Corporate Hall of Shame 2009 – I voted Other for #Monsanto #worstcorp #
  • @erinely I would have voted #Monsanto as #worstcorp even had you not suggested it! They are downright evil. in reply to erinely #
  • Two days' worth writing at tonight's write-in, bringing me to 18,453 #nanowrimo words – now just 1 day behind instead of 2. yeah. #
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