The Daily Tweets, 2009-11-13

  • Katie Couric "badgered" Palin: "What magazines do you read?" What a meanie thing to ask a VP candidate!!! #
  • Palin charged $500,000 by McCain campaign for their "vetting" of her. hahahahaha — WHAT vetting?!!!!! #
  • Correction: Palin claims she was charged _$50,000_ by McCain campaign for vetting. But still a vetting not worth the price of her book. #
  • RT: @907natalie: SLC is LESS backwards than ANC?! #bizarro RT @alaskadispatch SLC approves gay rights measures. #
  • Surprise! McCain campaign knows zilch abt $50K Palin claims they billed her for vetting. Who's lying? You judge. #
  • At least GCI has good taste in music to keep my on hold for-frakkin'-ever with. #
  • @nethenekhthon It was some fairly decent smooth jazz. Didn't get my damn cable box though. Gotta swap it out tomorrow after Side Street. in reply to nethenekhthon #
  • @nethenekhthon I.e., damn cable box fritzed out. DVD player works though. Need to veg for a bit, too fried to write yet…. in reply to nethenekhthon #
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