The Daily Tweets, 2009-11-11

  • 15067 #nanowrimo words as of midnight (end of Nov 10). Didn't write the 9th: was tired & headachy so vegged/slept instead. Now 1 day behind. #
  • UAA: Blackboard still down, prob not up today. Faculty/staff email still down, may be restored today. (Student email not affected.) #
  • UAA faculty/staff email seems to be working again. Finally. Don't think Blackboard's up though. #
  • UAA: we're now hearing an unofficial rumor that Blackboard may be up later today, after 11:00. Stay tuned. #
  • Dang. Dollhouse canceled. Fox says it'll broadcast all Season 2 though. #
  • RT: @alaskacommons: Dr. Selkregg's "Communist Manifesto" in Plain English. // Great piece John! #
  • More snow. I reckon my bus tomorrow morning will be late. It always is after a new dump of snow. #
  • Wow, lotsa tweets about ice & lousy driving conditions. Would happen on the one day the damn buses aren't running so I had to drive. #
  • @redrummy @alaskacommons Bill Starr's just a greedy capitalist porker. I vote with the commie pinko socialists queer-lovers. in reply to redrummy #
  • Home safe from UAA, took it slow, glad to have studs on. Icy on N Lts uphill from UAA Dr to Lake Otis, lotsa sirens in Midtown #
  • @JanFlora49 Thx Jan – heading Spenard way now, will take it slow. BSG Season 2 tonight w/ my friend Sylvia, & Bear Tooth food. in reply to JanFlora49 #
  • RT: @shannynmoore: RT @Tosfm: RT @SupermanHotMale @shannynmoore : Palin needs a brain // No, Palin just needs a sock in her mouth. #
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