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Vashti Speaks for Herself

“He said that? you heard him? The bastard! / I used to love him. Some ways I still do… / but honey, don’t believe all you hear. / He can put it on Larry King Live, / he can write it up in the Bible / for every preacher to preach, / it’ll still be a goddamn lie….” A poem for National Poetry Month. Continue reading

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Glacier National Park, Montana

A photo by Janson Jones of Avalanche Creek in Glacier National Park, Montana inspired nostalgia for the state where I lived the first half of my life — and I share a bunch of my own photos of Glacier Park.

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On Facebook, my friend David has been thinking about blinks.  He posted a brief little meditation about it a few days ago, & this morning a wonderful short poem called “Blinking” that I wish I could post here but I … Continue reading

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Rocks in clear water

This is how I’m feeling today: clear & clean. A cool breeze feeling (though it’s cold water in the picture). Among many things I’m reminded of by these rocks and the water over them, I am reminded of my mom, … Continue reading

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Beaver dam on McDonald Creek

Glacier National Park, Montana. 13 Nov 2003. Just a little over two years ago, I was in northwest Montana visiting my family, & one day took off with my brother Dave & sister-in-law Linda to Glacier Park. We didn’t go … Continue reading

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