The Daily Tweets 2011-09-17

  • A very belated thanks. (haven't been on Twitter in awhile) RT @Undancey: @yksin awesomely done. #
  • First time a-Twitter in a couple of months. My feed is feeling neglected. #
  • Across campus from my office at the Wendy Williamson. Convocation is really late in the semester this year. #fb #
  • UAA Chancellor's Awards for Excellence: always impressed by incredible work of UAA staff/faculty in serving students, community. Booyah! #fb #
  • Just one winner of UAA Chancellor's Awards for Excellence. #fb #
  • @tallimat thank you! in reply to tallimat #
  • More rockin' UAA staff #fb #
  • UAA longevity awards – 35 years! There was a 40-year guy, too. (I've only got 21 years.) #fb #
  • UAA longevity15 years! Here's John Riley, formerly w/ Justice Center, now chair of Sociology. #fb #
  • Two of my staff pals, Melissa Huenefeld who used to be w/ UAA Justice Center & Amy Perkins who still is. #fb #
  • Reports on k.d. lang last night in Fairbanks finally persuaded me… & I just bought myself a ticket to her show tonight in Anchorage/ #fb #
  • k.d. lang was even better than I thought she'd be. Which is saying something, cuz I thought she'd be great. #
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