The Daily Tweets 2011-05-26: The sun’s gone wibbly


Huh. Twitter Tools has suddenly started working again — just in time to further glorify Doctor Who, and to bid fond farewell to Spirit rover… which my character Esti Gusev will one day see in Gusev Crater (after which she takes her name) on Mars….

  • My fave song on Doctor Who Series 5 soundtrack beside “I Am the Doctor”: “The Sun’s Gone Wibbly.” My new theme song, yeah! #fb#
  • Spirit rover, rest in peace – #fb#

Here’s a bit more wibbly, this time from the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) explaining how time works.

P.S. The wibbly sun above can be seen in person at the Beartooth Theatre Pub & Grill, one of my favorite food & movie places in Anchorage.

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