The Daily Tweets 2011-02-23: Aggro

Making a face (085/365)

There was some good news today, but there was also some pretty shitty news.  That, on top of not getting enough to eat today, made me feel pretty damned aggro.  As is evident in just a few of my tweets (& my Facebook wall).

Aggro: abbreviation for aggravated, aggressive, aggression (Dictionary of Australian Slang).  Or you can check out the definition at  A dog might say: going Cujo.

  • RT: @Ch2KTUU: Obama administration will no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act #fb #
  • DOMA Declared ‘Unconstitutional’ By Obama, Will Not Be Defended | The New Civil Rights Movement #
  • RT: @ShardAngel: Am I a bad person for thinking “labia” everytime I read “Libya”? // Stop being such a dick! 😉 #
  • Tweet @GraceJangKTVA to reply: “APD Chief Mew and Mayor Sullivan to hold news conference re #Rollins Anything you’d like to know?” #fb #
  • @GraceJangKTVA How long was APD suspicious of Rollins such that they had a GPS on his patrol car? #fb in reply to GraceJangKTVA #
  • @GraceJangKTVA Why didn’t MOA & APD act when “Victim 3” made complaint to ombudsman about Rollins’ predatory behavior? #fb in reply to GraceJangKTVA #
  • @GraceJangKTVA What actions are being taken to ensure APD officers cannot commit such crimes/abuses in future? Thanks! #fb in reply to GraceJangKTVA #
  • And in other news: Microsoft Word SUCKS. (Except that, much like “Palin said something stupid again,” that’s not really news.) #fb #
  • Impeachable Offense? Fox News: Obama DOMA Defense Refusal Dictatorship // More news that’s not news: FOX LIES #fb #
  • Feeling very aggro today…. (That’s Aussie for “aggressive.” In dog terms, look out, I just might go Cujo.) #fb #
  • RT: @Cydster61: @yksin Oh, I thought you wanted to garden for a second there 🙂 // I can think of some folks I cd plant in the dirt… #
  • @Cydster61 … if it weren’t for the fact it’d involve murder & a long prison sentence. in reply to Cydster61 #
  • Note to Tweeple: I won’t follow you just b/c you followed me in order to get me to follow you. #fb #
  • Note to Tweeple I know & like: I will, however, follow people I know & like. #fb #
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