Winter arrives

View from my (office) window

Winter is finally acting like winter in Anchorage: we got a decent dump of snow overnight & this morning. What better proof of that than that almost everybody was late to work this morning?

Or, better yet, with a couple of pics?  I took these during my lunchtime while I nuked my lunch into warm edibility.

The pic above is a People Mover bus as seen through a corner of the UAA/APU Consortium Library as seen from my office in another part of the Consortium Library.  The green plants are inside the library. The ones with snow on them are not.  And there are reflections.  I think it looks pretty cool.  Or cold.  But it might be confusing to some eyes.

This view is a little more straightforward.  Or queerbackward. Whatever.  Anyway, it doesn’t mix the eye up as much.  It’s just as cold, but not as cool.

View from my (office) window

Happy winter, Anchorage!

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