Nosedive v. “hold your nose” v. Scott McAdams

Alaska U.S. Senate Election 2010

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I’ve seen some skepticism about whether the just-released poll by Hays Research Group of the 2010 Alaska election for U.S. Senate can be corroborated by other polls — or by the poll that really counts, which is the election itself. But it seems at least within the realm of reality that Joe Miller’s campaign has taken a nosedive, deservedly so. And that was even before we read all the stories about Miller’s ethics issues and lies at Fairbanks North Star Borough.

“Write In Candidate” above would presumably be mostly Lisa Murkowski. But no guarantee she can win either. And frankly, I’d really have to hold my nose really hard to vote for her. Even before Miller’s upset win over her in the primary, she’d long since stopped being moderate, instead positioning herself as a bastion of obstructionism in the Republican Party of No. And do I want to vote for someone who thinks Jerry Prevo has brought good to this state?

I hope everyone else who was planning on holding their nose for Murkowski would instead take a big, deep breath of fresh air and vote for Scott McAdams. That’s what I’m gonna do.

Meanwhile, here’s some more goodies from the Hays poll: the favorable vs. unfavorable ratings of our three candidates. My my, Joe Miller looks really stinky, doesn’t he?

Alaska U.S. Senate Election 2010: Favorability vs. unfavorability ratings

(Click through to my Flickr photostream to get chart in larger size.)

P.S. Here’s the video (courtesy Alaska Commons) of Lisa Murkowski giving obsequious praise to Anchorage’s Pastor of Hate Jerry Prevo during a service at Anchorage Baptist Temple on October 10, 2010.

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