The Daily Tweets 2010-08-19

  • Heading over to UAA faculty/staff convocation to pick up my longevity award — 20 years' working at the Justice Center this October. #fb #
  • Listening to Ted Stevens funeral on KSKA-FM. Vice President Joe Biden currently speaking. #fb #
  • I'm sorry, Sen. Inouye, but it's not true Ted Stevens was vindicated or cleared of all charges. But prosecutorial misconduct killed the case #
  • But while I feel Sen. Stevens was guilty of charges he was tried for, they pale before his achievement & the good he did for AK. #
  • Oh no. I know Stevens' service is being held at Prevo's church, but please don't let Prevo speak. Creepy homophobic creep. #fb #
  • I done been blogged @ UAA Justice Center: Melissa Green recognized for service to UAA #
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