The Daily Tweets 2010-08-17

  • Back at work again: new computer – first day on Windows 7. (From XP — we skipped that travesty known as Vista.) #fb #
  • @exart Don't think you had my #, but condolences on loss of your cell phone. in reply to exart #
  • The bad thing about a new computer: having to reinstall most needed apps. #
  • Akkkk! Windows 7 doesn't have Freecell preinstalled! How am I supposed to doodle when I have a long phone call?!!! #fb #
  • RT: @celticdiva: Per Newsweek, Finland tops list of "World's Best Countries." // Suomi rocks! #fb #
  • More from Newsweek about why they rank Finland #1 It has a really cool language too. Hyvää päivää! #fb #
  • Where to learn more about the world's best country? Here: #fb #
  • Idjit Phelpists plan to picket Ted Stevens' funeral. But Phelpists are just annoying facts of life, like mosquitos: wave away & ignore. #fb #
  • RT @celticdiva @Park51: How "ground zero mosque" fear mongering began: (which Islamophobe Palin only continued). #fb #
  • RT: @nethenekhthon: It's 3rd Thursday this week: 19th, Denny's on Denali, 7PM! // You're a _good_ municipal liaison. See you there! #
  • @redrummy @katsylver Dunno about that, some of the Swedish methods used in "Girl w/ the Dragon Tattoo" made me feel pretty green. in reply to katsylver #
  • Listening to Sue Barry on NPR's Fresh Air, who gave me hope I might one day be able to see in 3-D. #fb #
  • @katsylver Oh yeah really like all 3 of his books. Movie's great too (saw it before books) – can watch on Netflix. #
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