The Daily Tweets, 2010-06-18: Divebombed

  • Was just divebombed by 2 screaming grumpy gulls in Consortium Library parking lot. Lucky for me they didn’t drop any actual bombs. #fb #
  • But I am reminded of the poesy of the immortal Henry Gibson: Birdie birdie in the sky / why’d you do that in my eye / (contd….) #fb #
  • (Henry Gibson contd.): I’m a big boy, i won’t cry / but I’m sure glad that cows don’t fly. #fb #
  • Charles Wohlforth (Alaskan, The Fate of Nature author) on Talk of the Nation Science Friday now talking about Exxon Valdez & oil spills. #fb #
  • Talk of the Nation Science Friday w/ Charles Wohlforth ‘The Fate of Nature’ in NPR archives. #fb #
  • @tonei I hear rumor that Google Gears will go away in favor of some better offline option. They’ve already disabled Google Docs offline. in reply to tonei #
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