The Daily Tweets, 2010-06-15: CSS

  • Whatever else one might feel about Google, they know how to put together a first-class (& free!) webinar. Thanks, Google! #
  • Kudos to UAA Chancellor Fran Ulmer, appointed by Pres. Obama to National Oil Spill Commission. #fb #
  • My work: UAA Justice Center site redesigned to match UAA CMS. Not an HTML layout table to be found! (It’s CSS.) #fb #
  • RT: @gayanch: @yksin very nice indeed! // Thanks! Really glad to be learning CSS the way I should be learning it, finally! #
  • @gayanch The knowledge will come in handy for my own website, too. Also gonna be learning PHP & content mgt systems using Joomla. #
  • I love my new light hiking boots from Keen that I bought at REI yesterday. Gonna do some backpacking next weekend. #fb #
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