The Daily Tweets, 2010-04-20: Frodo & Sam mess up European airspace

  • RT: @MariKurisato: So I wonder how Apple will deal with the whole oops lost $g iPhone Gizmodo saga? // To me: a great free ad for Apple. #
  • Henkimaa: my livesnark of SyFy’s adaptation of Philip José Farmer’s “Riverworld”. Good SF turned into really bad SF. #
  • RT: @twitfics: The good news: we destroyed the Ring. The bad: we disrupted a hemisphere’s worth of air travel & 2 dozen national economies. #
  • RT: @celticdiva: AK will join other states to challenge “expansion of Congressional power” with passage of #HCR bill // Gov. Parnell #fail #
  • RT: @celticdiva: AK AG Sullivan: other than indiv. mandate, no other major Constitutional concerns. I.e.,: a Hail Mary // a Hail Sarah #
  • RT: @berickcook: RT @Robotkarateman: @redrummy Bacon is just recycled vegetables. // That’s BRILLIANT :O // So is poo. #
  • Read it here: @adndotcom has posted AK Dept. of Law’s legal opinion on the federal health-care law. #hcr #
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