Conservatives for Palin: A rich field of study for anyone interested in the practical application of intellectual dishonesty & logical fallacy

I want honesty in government

I see that Rich Crowther at Conservatives for Palin has written a second “Skinny White Sunday” post which misrepresents me in the guise of congratulating me for my “courage”.

Big whoop. Being complimented on my “courage” means little coming from someone so intellectually dishonest.

‘Nuff said.  I have better things to do with my time than to pay his b.s.  any further mind.

But it occurs to me that Mr. Crowther’s writings, as well as much else at the C4P website, provide excellent examples for anyone who might be studying the use of logic (or rather, its lack) and reason (or rather, its lack) in public discourse. There are lots of good sources on the Internet or elsewhere on logical fallacies — see, for example,

I invite you to consult any of these resources and see how many logical fallacies you can detect in Mr. Crowther’s article:

To locate all his fallacies accurately, you’ll need to refer to his prior “Skinny White Sunday” post & my reponse to it:

  1. 2/14/2010.  “Skinny White Sunday: Alaska Palm Pilot Rocks!” by Rich Crowther (Conservatives for Palin).
  2. 2/16/2010. “Conservatives for Palin & civility: Fairly unbalanced” by Melissa S. Green (Henkimaa).

(Additional background posts are listed below.)

For extra credit, do the same for any other of Rich Crowther’s posts.

Have fun!

Background posts: The full conversation in the Alaska progressive blogosphere on civility

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