The Daily Tweets, 2010-01-13: Haiti earthquake

Haiti earthquake

“Sismo de magnitud 7,3 sacudió a Haití” — photo taken 12 Jan 2010 by Globovision. Used in accordance with Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic license.

  • RT: @JanFlora49: RT @spacetrucker: Sarah Palin given a job @ Fox “News” 2 help struggling late night comedy shows with unending material. #
  • Follow Wednesday? Sure, why not: follow @celticdiva for best info/links on helping quake victims in Haiti. #fb #
  • FiveThirtyEight gives history of U.S. relationship to Haiti. #
  • Firedoglake’s liveblogging of Prop 8 Trial, Day 3 (Wednesday morning) #
  • A better link to Teddy Partridge’s liveblogging of Prop 8 @ Firedoglake: all posts collected here. #
  • RT: @adn_jomalley: Does technology bring loved ones closer, or does it create more distance? // Closer, since none of them live w/ me now. #
  • Pat Robertson: Haiti “swore pact to devil” to be free of French, thus “cursed.” Christianism ugh (ht @shannynmoore) #fb #
  • Donate to American Red Cross for Haitian earthquake relief. #fb #
  • Damn. Fire drill. Signing off. #fb #
  • Returned from fire alarm. “Duct alarm” rather. (wtf?) Nothing exploded. #fb #
  • FBI: Haitian Earthquake Relief Fraud Alert – Please retweet. #Haiti #HelpHaiti (ht @celticdiva) #
  • Helping Haiti means helping, not blaming it stupidly as lackwit Pat Robertson does — again. #haiti #helphaiti #
  • An intelligent _Christian_ (& conservative Christian at that) response to Pat Robertson’s “devil” comment on Haiti. #fb #
  • RT: @jansonjones: Call it a day. I’m heading home. Bleh. // Didn’t you already call “it” a day yesterday? (Hope you get good rest @ home!) #
  • @jansonjones A balloon boy? “It’s a day.” Except that was one of those several weeks ago its, wasn’t it? (Wasn’t _it_? “It’s a day.) in reply to jansonjones #
  • Pat Robertson: Haiti?! I Thought They Said “Hades” (satire – but no doubt PR will have a real lame-ass apology soon.) #
  • Wyclef Jean helping through ‘Yéle Haiti’ – donate at #ffb #
  • Bent Alaska summarizes days 2 & 3 of Prop 8 trial: homophobia and the fear of transparency. #
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