The Daily Tweets, 2009-11-07

  • Ending the day with 8963 #nanowrimo words. Tomorrow I'll be one fifth of the way there. #
  • RT @907natalie: Razor + Caprica + The Plan = Galactigasm. #
  • Economist (via ADN): Alaska not worth the $7.2 million the U.S. paid for it. – esp. after Palin got hold of it. #
  • @907natalie [gasp!] There's BSG that you haven't watched?!!!! For me, there's only BSG that I haven't watch 5 times! in reply to 907natalie #
  • RT: @Inked_Tigress: Holy crap! I got offered the state position I was offered! Huzzah! // Congrats! #
  • #followfriday #innapropriatelanguageexceptinAKfriday @redrummy @beardedjon @jamielang @907natalie #
  • @redrummy oh well y'know, I've been enjoying it so much, I reckon so should everybody else! in reply to redrummy #
  • 11040 #nanowrimo words, with still half an hour to go to midnight. But I'm beat. Still, 1040 words ahead of quota. Cool. #
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