The Daily Tweets, 2009-10-14

  • Aaaaaaahhhh! I have an Abba earworm! Must fight back: Värttinä today. #
  • What can I say? Alaska State Troopers do great work on a tough job, but ride-along cop shows always suck. #
  • Johnny Appleseed comes to the Alaska Interior! A great apple crop at UAF's Cooperative Extension Service. #
  • @MermaidSocks Snow?!!! [looking around in alarm] Where are you right now? (No snow in Anchorage yet.) in reply to MermaidSocks #
  • RT: @tonei: 20 Best Signs At National Equality March (via @buzzfeedfeed). No. 9 is my favorite, I think. // mine too. #
  • Two mercury fillings replaced w/ something less hazardous. One very sore mouth. Much aspirin. #
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