The Daily Tweets, 2009-10-02

  • A little history of the exploitative unionbusting company that owns the Anchorage HIlton. #
  • Now finally: something to eat, & Season 2 premiere ep of #Dollhouse, which I missed last week b/c of True Diversity Dinner. #
  • @celticdiva I’m gonna watch it on Hulu. Let’s see if I get all the way through it before I head to bed… I was up late last night too! in reply to celticdiva #
  • @celticdiva BTW check out my Hilton post — killed myself w/ it. But now I can relax! it’s research in advance on NaNoWriMo month now. #
  • @JanFlora49 very glad you could join us! Now you got I’m stickin’ to the union too. in reply to JanFlora49 #
  • Brainfart! RT @yksin: @JanFlora49 very glad you could join us! Now you got ME SINGING I’m stickin’ to the union too. #
  • Oh wow all this crazy Apollo Helo Cylon action except Faith is the Cylon – intertextuality rules the #dollhouse! Wesley’s a senator! #
  • Now here’s a movie I wanna see: The Invention of Lying #
  • Wishing the Alaska Local Food Film Festival films were on later than 5:30. But for people who can make it: #
  • RT: @MayorSullivan: No more rolling closures effective Jan. 1, 2010. // Well, this at least is good news. @afdstatus #
  • OK @MayorSullivan is tweeting from a budget mtg, but w/ so many brief tweets of philosophical nature – what’s REALLY being said? #
  • @MayorSullivan Informational stuff was good. Philosophical stuff made me wonder if it was prepared in advance, & what was really being said. in reply to MayorSullivan #
  • Hope my tweeple who missed #dollhouse last week got caught up & remembered to watch it tonight. As in… now! #
  • @jansonjones: Captain & Tennille… Oh no. Now I’m gonna have “Love Will Keep Us Together” running through my head all night. Bastard. #
  • @jansonjones Bastard! Fortunately I don’t know the tune to “Muskrat Love” well enough for it to wreck me. in reply to jansonjones #
  • In my considered opinion — #Dollhouse tonight was great. I think it’s pretty clear now that Echo’s more than just a dimwit zombie. #
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