The Daily Tweets, 2009-09-23

  • Winter is a’cumin in: termination dust, fall equinox, & this morning my winter coat came out. #
  • RT: @joshtpm: Poll: How whacked are whackjobs on each side of the aisle? // Bush was Voldemort, Obama is Harry Potter. #
  • @bsulecki Welcome to Twitter! #
  • Today is just a really @drhorrible day. (Musically, that is.) #
  • RT: @adndotcom: PFD-announcement day: Gov. Parnell will reveal amount @ 5 PM. Direct deposit Oct. 8; checks Oct. 22. // All Alaska drools. #
  • Sick of people saying, “I’m waiting with baited breath.” Baited w/ salmon eggs? earthworms? It’s BATED breath, morons! #
  • Parnell is supposed to be announcing amount of this year’s Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend right now. I’m waiting to hear with bated breath. #
  • This year’s PFD: $1,305. #
  • Betcha the PFD website is being swamped now by socialist Alaskans double-checking that they got their apps in on time. #
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