The Daily Tweets, 2009-09-16

  • RT: @alaskacommons: KTVA ran the True Diversity Dinner as its top story #
  • KTVA poll: Mayor changed name of Anchorage Diversity Dinner to Unity Dinner. Was change necessary? #
  • I need me some Bonnie Raitt this morning. #
  • Heading out soon for a dental appointment. Let’s see how a year of taking really good care of my mouth has improved my dental & gum health. #
  • Toilet still plugged. Still on the honey bucket system. Mike G. is right: I need a new landlord! #
  • On the up side: peed at dentist’s office before coming home. + 1 year great self-care = mondo improvement to gum health. Gold star for me! #
  • Sylvia & I rewatching all of Battlestar Galactica. Currently on the cusp of seasons 1 & 2. What does that mean for us astrologically? #
  • Another night using a honeybucket. Dammit. Does this mean I’m not a cheechako any more? #
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