The Daily Tweets, 2009-08-30: Wingnut attack tweets

  • Writing another blog post about conservatives’ attempt to get federal court to overrule Alaska Constitution. Do I hear “judicial activism”? #
  • RT: @yksin: Blogged at Henkimaa: Miller v. Carpeneti: Where was the press? #AKjudicialcouncil #AKconstitution #
  • My first wingnut attack tweet accusing me of liberal whining… cool! — now I feel like a REAL Alaska progressive blogger! #
  • Deciding I want a female cattle rancher named Jan with a little pocketknife on my side whenever wingnut attack tweeters are in the vicinity. #
  • Hanging out w/ my dykey friends at Side Street Espresso writing & singing along with the Sons of the Pioneers. “Ghost Riders in the Sky”… #
  • Me & my dykey friends “driftin’ along with the tumblin’ tumbleweeds..” How about a Dyke Daughters of the Pioneers tribute at Celebration? #
  • From Sons of the Pioneers, coffee, & writing @ Side Street, to reggae, coffee, & writing at @KaladiBrothers — & a sunny beautiful day too. #
  • Theodicy: a #poem I wrote for my wonderful friend Wendy whose daughter was killed by a drunk driver 9 years ago. #
  • Stupid: Palin fan club @palintwibe announced they’re blocking me on Twitter. Never even heard of them before. “I am sooo hurt” – not. Dorks. #
  • Chose excerpt from Mistress of Woodland I’ll be posting 9/1 as part of Outer Alliance Pride Day #lgbt SF/fantasy #
  • @katsylver Identical list to @celticdiva’s followfriday tweet. If she’s following us, we must be horrid lib’ruls hey? What dorks. in reply to katsylver #
  • Now following @outeralliance – science fiction/fantasy writers for #lgbt advocacy. Like queer SF/F? Join up! #
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